Meet The Team


Jonnell Beaird

How does a teacher turn into a full time manager of A and M Gardens?  You volunteer to be a part-time helper during your summer break and fall in love

with the place! 

It didn't take much convincing with the Gardens as my office view.


Melody & Bobby

Over 50 years ago, back in the summer of 71, the owners, Allen and Melody (A and M) purchased 7 acres and started growing hot house tomatoes...selling  to stores and the general public.  Then they ventured into a full fledge retail nursery, landscaping and sprinkler business.   They created beautiful landscapes so customers could envision ideas for the plants they purchased.

After several people requested to use the "gardens" for weddings, they decided to turn A and M Nursery into A and M Gardens, the very first wedding venue in the area!

After many years of gorgeous weddings and the passing of Allen, after 48 years of marriage, Melody found another love...Bobby Pickett.  Fortunately, she found someone that has a fondness for all things beautiful, and he is an integral part of the business.

Since then, the gardens have undergone many changes, but one thing remains the same, Melody's love for the gardens and her passion to create breathtaking landscapes for people to enjoy!


Scott Shelton

I'm proud of the business my family has created and I am honored to be a part of it.

These Gardens have been a part of my life since I was born and I know first hand the dedication and hard work it takes to keep them beautiful.