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I would like to see the venue, how do I set up a tour?
Give us a call or text to 817-929-2910 or shoot us an email at
We offer tours 7 days a week and would love to show you around.

We love the venue! How can I reserve my date?
A signed contract and 1/2 of the rental fee holds the date.

We want to serve alcohol at our wedding, how does that work?
You can stock the bar with the alcohol of your choice. You can also bring in kegs or margarita machines. We do require you to use a particular bartending company, GR8 Bartending Service.  The cost is $275 for 5 hours and includes cups, napkins, straws and a 2 million
dollar insurance policy. We do not require a security officer.

How many events do you per day?
Just one!

Can I bring in my own vendors?
Absolutely! You can bring in the vendors of your choice with the exception of the bartender.  We do not require insurance from your vendors. 

Is A and M Gardens handicapped accessible? 
You bet! The Gardens, the Venue and the Paradise Pavilion are all handicap accessible.

What is included in the package? 
Lots! Please see package info for the complete list. 

How many hours are included with the package?
The package includes 8 hours total. 3 hours for set up, 4 hours for ceremony and reception, 1 hour for clean up. You can add hours if you would like for a fee. Additional set up hours or suite hours are $50 per hour. 
Additional reception hours are $100 with the exception of the 11:00-12:00 am hour which is $300.

Do I have to put out my own tables and chairs?
Absolutely not! We will have a planning meeting 3 to 4 weeks prior to your date to plan the set up of the gardens and room with tables, chairs, centerpieces and linens plus any decor items you may have rented. When you arrive, the room will be set as discussed. 

Do you get time for a rehearsal?
Yes! We try to plan for it the Thursday prior but will work with whatever schedule works best for that particular weekend's events. 

Do you have a bride and groom's room for us to get ready in?
Yes! Each suite has a full bathroom with shower, mini kitchen, comfortable seating with plenty of mirrors and ample seating. 

Can we use the gardens for our engagement and bridal portraits?
You bet! Just give us a call to schedule time.

What do you mean when you say "clean up"?

"Clean up" really just means whatever items and decor you brought in goes with you, all trash off tables and into our trash cans and taken to dumpster. The time also allows for your vendors to pack and load up.

Do you offer decor beyond what is included in your package?
We do! We have a large variety available! We can do all the decor for you or just parts of it, your choice.  We will set up a decor appointment and go over the options we have available. That is the fun part!

Do you offer a Day of Coordinator?
Yes! We work closely with you and your vendors to ensure your day goes exactly as you planned. The cost is $650 and includes planning meetings, rehearsal and peace of mind! 

Do you offer refunds on cancellations?
Sorry, no. 

What if there is inclement weather?

We understand how important it is to our couples to have their ceremony in the gardens and we do everything we can to make that happen. We have turf down in the gardens which can be dried, paths that can be blown dry, and chairs that can be wiped. But if all else fails, we can move the ceremony indoors to take place in front of the beautiful wall lights. We make this call the day of and always consult with the couple before any final decisions are made. 

Can we have sparklers?
Of course, and they make for the best pictures!

Will there be someone from the venue the day of?
Yes! There will be an A and M representative at your event. 

We plan to have children attend, any rules?
Yes. Children must be under adult supervision at all times, especially when in the gardens. There are numerous fountains and streams where a child could get hurt. If more than 5 children will be attending your event, another staff member will need to be in attendance at a cost of $25 per hour. 

How many people can your venue hold?

How many cars are able to park at the venue?

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! We offer 10% off for teachers, military and first responders.


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